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January 9, 2013
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"________, you... don't think I'm a... monster, do you?"

You blinked and lifted your head up to see her friend Alfred, well, the other Alfred.

America, Alfred F. Jones' counterpart, "Anti-America".

You bit your lip slightly as you raced through some thoughts in your busy little head. Yeah, instead of this Alfred being the so-called-Hero, this one was a villain, with his tanned skin and dark reddish-brown hair with a much similar cowlick to the official America, and instead of glasses he had sunglasses placed on top of his head, which occasionally slipped. But... this Alfred... has killed people. The bat he always carried around with nails spiked in and out of it in every direction, and the dried red substance on it... but, the strange thing was, everything thing about this man attracted you to him. Even the adorable little hole in his grin where a tooth once was. Everything...

It was just... perfect.

"________? Babe, are you even going to fucking answer me...?"

"W-Wha..? Oh!" You shook your head and came back to reality. You looked up into the dark, clear starry night, and sighed. "I really wish you wouldn't ask me these things Alfred..."

"What? Why the fuck not?! Its an honest question that I want you to fucking answer it!" His face was dusted with a light pink tint, and he glared at you as he pushed his sunglasses back ontop of his head, before they fell onto his nose like they usually do. God, he could be a pain in the ass sometimes, with all his cussing and temper tantrums.


"What." He sounded pissed.

" Why do you want to know my opinion about you...? I'm your friend aren't I? I wouldn't be if I didn't like your personality... I... think I might be your only friend...right?"

"I wanted you answer my fucking shitty ass question because I l- !" He stopped himself. He suddenly got up and grabbed his bat. "I'm gonna go. If I get pissed off a little bit more I'm going to fucking blow up." He started walking away until two arms quickly wrapped around his waist and held on tightly, and a face pressed into the back of his jacket.

You never wanted to let go. Never... even if he was a pain in your ass, even if his mouth should be cleaned out with soap,even if he had the worst attitude and tantrums ever, even if has killed people.... you didn't want to let go.

"_________. What the fuck are you doing?!" He dropped his bloodied bat to the side and turned, prying you off of him.


"No! I'm fucking done! I know what you've been doing this whole fucking time! You've been playing me for a dumb ass with all your pity bullshit!"

"Alfred I would never-!"

"Shut up! Listen to me! Why If there was ever one fucking person I wanted to stay and actually fucking listen to the shit I fucking say, then it'd be you! So give me this one fucking chance! You are The only fucking person to hang around me more than a few hours, you've been with me for months! Fucking months! I- I just cant fucking understand it _________! Why the hell would you hang around a murdering, douche-bag, son of a bitch like me?!I know why! It's because you feel so fucking sorry for me that you stay around me, with those fake smiles you always try and play, those eyes that always seem to be filled with a feeling that I cant fucking understand, or probably ever will! I just don't understand! Please! Please fucking tell me!!!"

God how much he actually loved you. He loved you so much. He couldn't stop making these weird sounds. He hasn't made these sounds since he was a child, yet, he felt like he had hundreds of years of tears to catch up on. It wasn't until now that he realized how much pain he's just caused to himself, not only keeping his emotions numbed, but also that he kept acting like a jackass to you.

You couldn't believe what you were seeing... this Alfred... the one you always stayed with until the very end, the Alfred you loved... was...crying... tears were dripping down his face in waterfalls... he really meant what he said... he thought you stayed with him out of pity. That you felt sorry for him...

You couldn't speak.

Alfred stood there putting a hand to his face and tried wiping his eyes, hoping you did't see him crying. But the tears kept coming, they wouldn't stop! Why the fuck wouldn't they stop!?

Say something Stupid!

You found slight tears springing to your eyes, but you pushed them back. You had to be strong, Alfred wouldn't take you seriously if you tried to convince him that you wanted to stay with him if your face was soaked in tears.

"Alfred..." You pulled his hand from his face, and he looked up at you. His reddish eyes somewhat wide, but you could tell he was trying to keep his composure. "Alfred... I stay with you, because I want to..."

"Bull. Shit." Even after saying this, he didn't pull his hand back. He didn't move.

"Alfie..." You took the sleeve of your jacket and carefully wiped his cheeks dry. " I don't think you're a monster... I don't think of you the other countries might... I love you're personality... I love when you throw your tantrums, I love when you smile so I can see that missing tooth... I love everything about you Alfred... and nothing could change that... okay...? I know... Im not the prettiest or the skinniest, or the extremely feminine ... but... I'm still going to be here for you even if you reject me... okay? Because I want to stay with you." By the time you finished this cheesy little paragraph confessing to him that you always wanted to be with him and love him, your face was covered in a flushed pink color. You had imagined confessing to him under that beautiful night sky, but... not under the conditions where he had a fit.. cried...and almost abandoned you on that hill.

"_-_______... I...fuck..." He was lost. He needed a few seconds to realize... he had been wrong. So utterly wrong...

You sighed heavily, and closed your eyes... He would leave you for sure now...

"_______... you god damn idiot..." He cupped your cheek gently with one hand, and leaned forward. this... weird feeling...? On my lips...

You opened your eyes and blushed deeply. He was... kissing you.


Everything just seemed to disappear, except for you, him, and the stars above, the only light source in your little world... it was perfect...

He pulled back and looked away. He mumbled something.

"W-Wha...?" You asked, still kind of dazed from the kiss.

"I said...ov...u..." He said slightly louder.

"Alfred... I told you before if you mumble people cant hear you..." You pushes his sunglasses back up for him.

"I SAID I FUCKING LOVE YOU! OKAY!?! Damn... are you fucking deaf?"

You laughed and hugged him tightly. You stayed like this for the rest of the time you were with him, you in his arms, like it was suppose to be.

Finally after a long time together, he walked you home, hand in hand. He brought you to your front doorstep, and gave you one last kiss goodnight, and said his good-byes, before leaving you to go to his own home.

You got undressed, showered, and got ready for bed. Once you were in your fuzzy pajamas, you crawled into bed, and lied down, and stared out your windows, staring at the night sky, stars burning bright.

"Thank you...and goodnight Alfred..." You closed your eyes, and drifted to sleep, dreaming wonderful dreams of you and your new boyfriend, who was waiting for you in your bed when you woke up.

This is for :iconkushamisaru: 's "Starry Night Contest!"

First time ever writing 2P!Hetalia...America... He cusses alotttttt..... but hes still one of my favorites for some strange reason... *shrug*

Hope everyone likes!!! :D I put this together quickly so its not my BEST but its good effort...
I suck at writing romance. XD
I was gonna make it fluffy but 2P!America doesnt go FLUFFY.


Im uploading late. I have exams in the morning. Fuck.

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